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August 29, 2014 at 12:36pm
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I will not be your “sometimes”.

— Six Word Story #2 (via whispersofstardust)

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August 28, 2014 at 11:43pm
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get up. because death is not
an alternative. because this is what you do.
air like soup, move. door, hallway, room.
pants, socks, shoes. sweater. coat. cold.
wish you were a bird. remember you
are not you, now. you are you
a year from now. how does that
woman walk? she is not sick or sad.
doesn’t even remember today.

— From Survival Poem #17 by Marty McConnell (via hush-syrup)

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I don’t broadcast every high & I don’t hide every low. I’m trying to live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have life.

— Unknown  (via intensional)

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You know how they say you only hurt the ones you love? Well, it works both ways.

— Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club (via wordsnquotes)

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I miss you so much I have to talk about you to fill the void.

I’m the only one not sick of hearing your name.

— krn

August 27, 2014 at 9:14pm
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You saw him today, after praying some act of God would cause you not to. He looked at you like he knew that you left home too soon. Like you’d just burned all your journals, but he, with the cold hands, still wanted to love you.  

But you’ve stopped watering the plants and he’s still sick of feeling

whatever it is he’s feeling because of you.

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feeling fucking

my failure
for a while.

feel the fever.
hold a howl.
you’re a demon;
you’re a doll.

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August 24, 2014 at 11:23pm
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But the thing about remembering is that you don’t forget.

— Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried (via verrloren)

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Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.

— read this on here today and i haven’t stopped thinking about this quote since (via pluiedem)

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Maybe love isn’t supposed to be comfortable. Maybe love is just supposed to be worth it.

— Debby Ryan (via especiallygold)

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I say what I feel.


I say what I feel.

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Cure your sadness by coming down with a severe case of “Can’t Stop Dancing Around My Room.” Warning: these songs are grossly happy, adorable, and uplifting. Mixed together, they will melt your icy little soul. Debbie Downers beware.

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I speak words as soon as they
enter my consciousness, regardless of their
level of appropriateness or tact.

I have always been this way.

I find your accusations —
lying, dishonesty, unfaithfulness —
troubling, at best, but not for myself.

For you.

I know how honest I am.
I know how loyal I am.
I have faith in the type of friend I am.

It troubles me that you can see anything different.

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Suffering is
inevitable, but you
decide whether
to mourn over the
ruins or build a
tower from them.

— Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)