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October 20, 2014 at 7:56pm
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I like you. I like you so much that these words drip out of my fingers like running water. I like you but my feelings barely come out of my mouth the way I want them to—and whenever I do try, they only slip out as a whisper, unheard, and they do not, and they never, reach you….

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That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.


read that, again. 

things I need to beat into my brain

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when the anxiety in my blood beats like a drum and gets the better of me and i text him 20 times in 10 minutes to make sure he wasn’t in a fatal car crash, I’m “clingy”

when the lead in my bones from the sadness spreads and gnaws on my joints and I can’t move from my bed, I’m “needy”

when they see me in nothing but long sleeved flannels and denim bottoms that kiss my ankles for months on end, and they peel my sleeves off sitting on top of some hatred-stained mattress in the middle of the night only to see how I have treated my skin as a canvas that’s still cut open, I’m “one of those girls”

they choke on the idea that they might be responsible for my own demise when I warn them that I have tendencies to stand on railway tracks and subway platforms with wet cheeks and shaking palms

god, they crumble inwardly when the finger they hooked through the lace of that pink thong stops at my calves and they realize this is not how it seemed in the movies and in the magazines

when they realize that my stocky striped thighs and scent of pink skin is their introduction to the real world beyond scripted soft porn, the sound of their heart breaking is shrill but mine is a monument collapsing

because I have lost again
and they will kiss me for good measure, lie and say they aren’t ready to caress me, to spend a night just side by side and throw on their leather jackets and head out the front door one last time and I will never hear from any of them again.

— he asked why people leave me like it was even a question//M.P. (via httprozac)

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Happiness isn’t obtainable forever.

Saying you want to be happy forever is like saying you want to orgasm forever. It would be pretty rad, but eventually it would get boring.

Just like by other emotion, happiness is just that – an emotion. It might be the primary one you want to feel, but you can’t completely erase sadness and guilt and contempt and jealousy. Those things are natural. You can keep them at bay most days, but they will come and that’s okay.

Instead of trying to make every day a perfect day full of sunshine and rainbows, we should learn to appreciate the sun when it’s shining. Smile when something funny happens. Appreciate the happy moments for what they are.

The more you open your mind to how totally awesome life is, the easier it is to realize you’re already happy. You don’t have to try.

— a happiness manifesto written by a severely clinically depressed woman | krn

October 19, 2014 at 9:13pm
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I am the moon.

The light from another
more luminescent entity is needed to show my true beauty, but its
elusiveness does not undermine its charm.

Even when the sun outshines my sky, I am still
there, observing
enjoying the solitude and waiting for dusk.

Dusk is when I thrive.
Dusk is when I am most beautiful.
I share the sky with the sun and you
can’t tell which one of us influences the
watercolor scenery more.
You can’t tell who is the introvert and who is the extrovert.
You can’t determine who is greater.

Even at night, I am generous with my
spotlight. I share it with

I am the moon.
I am humble, honest, plain —
but I am beautiful.

— i am the moon | krn

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Other people are not medicine.

— Amy Poehler (via slutsandsinners)

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October 18, 2014 at 11:58pm
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I would like you to stay
and talk with me
but I don’t want
you to feel that you
have to just because I’m here.

— W.S. Merwin, “Yesterday” (via larmoyante)

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You told me to stop playing the black sheep and I
wanted so badly to tell you that I think you meant I should stop
crying wolf
but I held my tongue
instead of yours.

There’s no one who truly understands how I feel
I told you
and you confirmed that by taking my keys and
telling me not to check myself into that hospital.

I’m not crying wolf and I’m not okay.
I am a black sheep but I have
wool and it’ll keep you warm if you let it.
If you let me I can be so much more than a black sheep.

I wish you knew that.

— black sheep | krn

October 17, 2014 at 4:27pm
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I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough.

— I have become rather fearful I suppose. (via scientifrick)

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I miss you. You don’t. That’s the end of our chapter.

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Dear employers, I will have to take the day off today because:

☐ It’s December and the streets are papier-mached with wet bronze leaves and it’s so dark outside that the cars have their headlights on at 3pm

☐ I have recently been through a breakup, or I have been through a breakup at any time in my life really, and I woke up today with the absolute conviction that I will never be loved again

☐ A dog looked at me

☐ I got a text from someone for whom I feel a mix of concern and frustration and recognition and longing that is both more and less than romance

☐ Someone made a joke about dead pets meeting you in heaven

☐ Daylight savings time

☐ I passed a knot of flowers that were so bright they glowed through the dim grey water of the day and when was anything in my life last that luminous?

☐ Girls are too pretty

☐ For the first time I genuinely comprehend that there is not enough time to have all the lives I wanted

☐ I accidentally listened to Leonard Cohen

— Why I Am Not Coming In To Work Today (via tetraghost)

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October 16, 2014 at 5:36pm
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Glow blog ☽


Glow blog

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I hate
how badly
I want to be

Not in general.
to you.

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